Real Care Infant Simulators

The Real Care Infant Simulators give male and female adolescents the most realistic infant care experience possible.  The simulators are designed to look, feel, sound and respond like a real infant.  They are designed to help students experience the emotional, financial and social consequences of parenting and improve parent/child communication.

The simulators require realistic care and are designed to produce reports on exactly how each baby was cared for.  This program creates a powerful, hands-on experience while teaching valuable life lessons to the participants.

Our lending program allows our 20+ simulators to travel from site-to-site throughout the year.  They can be requested by any local middle or high school, church or community organization.

If you are interested in having the Real Care simulators at your school, church, club or organization, please contact our Community Educators at (803) 648-3456.

For more information regarding the infant simulators, please visit:


2015 Aiken Youth Empowerment Program Stats

"Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner"
In 2015, 122 male and female participants experienced the 24-hour needs of the simulators at 4 different schools and youth-serving organizations. They responded in the following manner:

  • 65.2% had an increase in their motivation to avoid being a parent until later in life
  • 34.2% reported talking to their parents/guardians about teen pregnancy BEFORE experiencing the simulators
  • 42.1% reported talking to their parents/guardains about teen pregnanct AFTER experiencing the simulators
  • 83.9% of the youth either *agreed* or *strongly agreed* that being a teen parent is harder than they thought

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