What is AIM4TM?

Developer: Children's Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA)

An evidence-based intervention to reduce rapid repeat pregnancies among teen moms, increase consistent contraceptive use and promote economic stability among young mothers

We've partnered with Fact Forward to work with teen mothers ages 15-19 with at least one child under 2 in zip codes 29841, 29801, 29803, 29851, 29809, 29829 & 29842.

  • Moms sign up for AIM for Teen Moms for FREE and get support with career goals, family planning, communication skills + more
  • Eight sessions (6 individual and 2 group) delivered over 12 weeks
  • 6 individual sessions to be delivered at participant’s home or a location at which they’re most comfortable and 2 sessions to be delivered as a group with other teen mothers in their cohort
  • All sessions can also be delivered virtually via an online format, like Zoom
  • Connections to new & existing resources in your area
  • A supportive & positive environment


  • Earn up to $100 in cash & other prizes
  • Weekly giveaways
  • Child care during in-person group meetings
  • Food at in-person group meetings
  • Certificate of completion

Additional Services Available:

The Rapid Adolescent Prevention Screening (RAAPS) and Adolescent Counseling Technologies Sexual Health Assessment (ACT-SH) are standardized screening tools developed to support professionals in addressing risky behaviors that impact health, well-being, and academic success in youth.

With participant consent, the Community Health Worker will administer RAAPS and ACT-SH to provide customized follow-up support and referrals


If you know a teen mother who you think can benefit from this program, they can contact Ms. Tiiu Goode, our Director of Community Programming to sign up: or (803) 648-3456 ext 105

The project described was supported by Grant Number 1 TP1AH000216-01-00 from the HHS Office of Population Affairs. Contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the Department of Health and Human Services or the Office of Population Affairs.

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