Emerging Adults

This program educates older teens and youth, ages 19 to 23, on topics regarding reproductive health, pregnancy prevention, where to go in the community to access various birth control methods and where to find more information about preventing pregnancy and/or STDs/STIs/HIV.
Currently, our Community Educators work with the local technical college, Aiken Tech, as well as the traditional four-year institution, the University of South Carolina Aiken, by hosting single-session and extended single-session presentations relating to a variety of different subject matter.

2015 Aiken Youth Empowerment Program Stats

"The More You Know..."
In 2015, 171 college students participated in the Emerging Adults program thorugh AYE

  • Approximately 32.4% either agreed or strongly agreed the event increased their knowledge about where they can get information about preventing pregnancies and/or STDs/STIs/HIV
  • Approximately 67.8% either agreed or strongly agreed that the event increased their knowledge about preventing unintended pregnancy and/or STDs/STIs/HIV

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