Programs Overview

All of our programs are research-based and proven to promote healthy decisions and relationships and prevent risk-taking behaviors such as sexual activity among youth.  For more information about our programs, contact our Community Educators at (803) 648-3456!

  • Girls Circle: This program creates a safe place for girls to talk about risky behaviors, build on personal strengths and improve relationships among peers, friends and family members.
  • Boys Council: This program is a structured, gender-relevant support group for males between 10 and 18 years old. The curriculum involves team-building and group discussion and strives to engage, challenge, celebrate, develop and unite the male participants. The program also attempts to increase boys' emotional, social and cultural literacy by influencing, creating and maintaining valuable, healthy relationships with peers and adults of all backgrounds.
  • Real Talk: This program provides age-appropriate education and resources to PREVENT risk-taking behaviors and PROMOTE healthy decision-making skills.
  • Real Care Infant Simulators: This program helps students experience the emotional, financial and social consequences of parenting and improves parent/child communication.
  • Emerging Adults: This program educates older teens and youth on topics regarding reproductive health, pregnancy prevention, where to go in the community to access birth control methods and so much more.
  • Parent Power: This provides educational programs for parents, focused on empowering them to improve parent/child relationships, enhance parenting skills and communicate their own values effectively.

Other programs are also offered by AYE Community Educator Kandace Cave, through partnerships between Helping Hands, Inc. and Columbia Urban League.

  • Level Up!: The purpose of this program, formerly known as the Aiken Youth Leadership Development Institute or YLDI, is to provide a constant and stable environment for youth in foster care and other eligible young people in the community. The program offers a nurturing curriculum that includes an employment and career-shadowing component, youth-focused workshops, year-round mentoring and involvement in other Urban League youth initiatives.
    • Ages: 14-21; foster care youth receive priority placement
    • Meetings: Held twice a month in the fall and once a month in the spring of each school year (or as needed)
    • Stipend: Up to $40 per month during the school year with the possibility of a job assignment during the summer
    • Requirements: Application and assessment required
  • Outspoken Foster Youth Group: This program is a foster youth group for youth in Aiken and Edgefield counties. The purpose of the group is to:
    • Prepare foster youth to transition out of care successfully
    • To provide both basic personal and social skills for youth in care
    • To help develop and promote positive youth development
    • Offered to: Youth in foster care, ages 13-21 and/or for youth adopted or placed in legal kinship/guardianship care at or after age 16
    • Meetings: Held one a month with meal included
    • Stipend: $25
    • No application required

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